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Driving With No License: Penalties by State

You are not allowed to drive without a license in any of the 50 states of the United States of America. The first offense will usually result in a traffic infraction while the next offenses will be heavier. A second offense will be considered a felony.

The fine in Oklahoma starts at $50 for the first offense but in another state, like in Illinois, a second offense will require you to pay $25,000. That is a lot of money to pay for driving without a license. Expect that your license will be suspended. In some states, the suspension will only last for two months to a year but this is...

How to save on car insurance

If you have a vehicle, having car insurance is a necessity, as the benefits will come in handy when the car is involved in an accident. But you don’t have to pay more than necessary to maintain a car insurance policy. There are several ways to make car insurance cost less expensive to you. You can decide to improve your credit score, increase your deductibles, remove certain coverage from your policies, and shop around for a cheaper policy. Let’s look at these solutions one after the other and find out how they can help lower your overall insurance cost.

Improve your credit score...

How bad credit affects car insurance rates

Credit scores are numerical figures assigned by insurance companies to determine the likelihood of a policy holder filling for claims or having an accident. These scores are determined from the credit reports of the prospective policy holder. Most companies make use of historical data to predict risk factors involved for any car insurance contract. If the individual has a poor credit record, it’s seen that they are more likely to have an accident with individuals who have good credit scores. But how exactly does an individual’s bad credit increase their vehicle insurance rates? Let’s read...

What is Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

What is Car Insurance for high risk?

Insurance companies usually have different factors they consider before placing a premium rate for any policy. The risk factor is seriously considered, and when there is a policy with more propensities for claims, they usually charge higher for such cover. Auto insurance for high-risk drivers is usually more expensive than the rates for standard drivers. This is because these categories of individuals are more likely to make claims for accidents and injuries than other types of drivers. How does auto insurance for high-risk drivers work and what...

What is non-owner car insurance?

So many people are not aware that car insurance can also be purchased even when you don’t have a car. Non-owner car insurance provides cover for certain groups of people who want to drive a car but do not own one. It will come in handy if you are traveling or making use of the car for a short period and want to provide coverage for the car in case of damage to the car resulting from accident. This will compensate the owner and help you avoid spending huge amount of money for repairs.

Why would you want a non-owner policy?

There are certain times when having non-owner car...